Welcome to my portfolio!

Since 2021, I've had the privilege of shaping learning experiences as an instructional designer across diverse industries. My design journey began in the medical field, where I honed my skills at two companies, followed by impactful work in the health and wellness industry. Before transitioning into instructional design, I dedicated my career to teaching 2nd grade in Atlanta, GA, where I developed a deep understanding of effective pedagogy and student engagement.

I hold a certification in instructional design from IDOL Course Academy, a premier online trade school for instructional design. Currently, I am advancing my expertise by pursuing a master's degree in Educational Technology and Instructional Design at Western Governors University. My dual concentration in K-12 and adult learning allows me to create compelling and effective courses for learners of all ages.

In addition to instructional design, I have extensive experience in curriculum writing and course planning. I am passionate about developing innovative and engaging educational materials that foster growth and understanding. Explore my portfolio to see the breadth of my work and the impact of my designs.

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