Hi, I'm Ashlynn!

🧠😁💻🥰Tech wiz. Nerd. Potato, potahto! 🧠😁💻🥰

Why ID

I love instructional design because it combines three of my passions: creativity, education, and technology. While I love training and delivering engaging lessons, my real bread and butter is content creation through learning tools.

My Expertise

I am an experienced Instructional Designer and Online Learning Expert. I have experience in designing useful and visually appealing training courses for a variety of learners. I design interactive learning experiences that are authentic and effective. My objective is to leverage my skills to successfully carry out all you need and more. I love to develop creative learning solutions that help businesses close performance gaps with employees and build skills with customers so that company goals can be met. In short, I love being a part of the solution!

How I Get Things Done

I take your PowerPoints, your random notes, your desired ends, and create learning experiences to fill the gaps of knowledge and immerse learners in real-work situations so that they can change their behaviors and improve performance. I love to use different modalities and educational components that work best for a company's needs. I don't think there's a one-size fits all when it comes to training or education. It's important to identify your targeted audience and perform needs assessments that will best engage them as well as how to apply that knowledge!

Expected Outcomes

I will produce learning content and job aids that best fit for your company and your employees. I welcome any feedback that can make the learning process easy for adult learners. There's no detail that shouldn't go unnoticed, and I truly want to make learning experiences as perfectly aligned with company standards as possible! I'm results driven and want to make sure the content I create meets your needs.

My Resume

2023 Resume Ashlynn Godfrey .pdf